Course Downloads

Mental Health First Aid Blended Online Downloads for participants – to be downloaded and printed (where possible) before beginning eLearning component


Therapy Dog Consent Form

This form is to be completed and returned via email before any course with a Therapy Dog present, or any workplace Therapy Dog activities

The Research

2022 National Resilience Index

The NRI is research completed annually by Driven, the founders of Resilience First Aid. It looks at Australia’s resilience trends over the last 12 months and how we can address any deficits.

Resilience First Aid Research

The Resilience First Aid Program as well as the resilience app is created and informed by neuroscientists and psychologists, download here

Mental Health First Aid Research

The Mental Health First Aid content is based off published evidence, as well a professional and lived experience consensus. Consistent evaluations are being conducted of the content to ensure it is appropriate and up-to-date

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