Resilience First Aid is an accredited mental health certification that teaches strength-based skills to support and build resilience. You will learn how to spot the signs of low resilience in others and learn the language to talk proactively with those around you. For courses with a face-to-face component, venue is subject to change, however general advertised location will not change. Emails will be sent after booking with details of the course and instructions for what comes next, please check your spam folder.


"This course was everything I expected and more. I thoroughly enjoyed the content and presentation. I feel a lot more confident in how I can support someone in need of some mental health support."


"Angela was extremely engaging and was extremely competent during the course. Angela did well to make sure everyone felt comfortable and was happy to share her lived experience with the group. I would recommend any future courses Angela facilitates."

Resilience First Aid Blended Face To Face


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